Data powers businesses. All critical business components run on some form of important company data. Customer information, reports, financial records are all confidential and important data that can cost your business thousands of dollars or put you completely out of business if lost.

Ransomware is a fast-growing cyberattack method in which the attacker gains access to your machine’s files, encrypts them rendering them unusable and then demands payment to decrypt usually in the form of a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Here’s our guide on protecting your business from Ransomware:


A good way to protect your organization from ransomware attacks is to have a good anti-virus system in place that is updated and deployed on all workstations and endpoints. AV software is able to detect malware based on signatures in the codebase or by matching patterns to known attacks. It will also detect applications that exhibit suspicious behaviour.

Due to it’s popularity as the standard workstation operating system Microsoft’s Windows products are the most popular target for these attacks at 87%, MacOS X follows at 7%.

  • Windows 87% 87%
  • MacOS X 7% 7%
  • Other 6% 6%

Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Another prevention method is to have an engaging Security Awareness Training program and regularly have refresher training sessions once initial training is completed. Training users to recognize and avoid suspicious links, attachments and programs is the ultimate method of protecting your business from Ransomware attacks and many more. Reddy IT provides SAT for small and medium sized businesses and organizations in various industries. Stopping attacks at the source is the best method of protection.

"Why don't we just pay them and get our files back?"

This is a common panic response to an attack. After spending hours deconstructing multiple samples of Ransomware – here’s why we would never pay a ransomware ransom:

We found that the majority of these malware programs don’t have a decryption module built into the system. What this means is that even if you paid the ransom for your precious data, the attackers have no intention of decrypting your files.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

You’ve started looking into different AV and security systems as well as Security Awareness Traning but who is going to manage all of this?

Not only can MSPs assist you in designing and delivering an SAT program but we can help deploy and manage AV and other security systems to ensure your business is protected. No need to worry about cybersecurity when you have an MSP. Read more about how an MSP can take the headache out of IT and save you money!


Having a comprehensive antivirus system, SAT for users and an MSP partner will greatly reduce the likelihood of an attack but it will never be 100%. Attacks are getting more sophisticated, mistakes can be made and insider attacks are becoming more prevalent. Preparing for the worst is an essential part of having a well thought-out Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. By having the right backup system in place, you should be able to make a full recovery of all files and data that have been held ransom. Prevention is important but having backups is the only way to be completely safe from these attacks and many others.

Spend less time down, stop worrying about data loss and resume operations faster with Reddy IT’s custom backup solution services. We will assess your current IT ecosystem and design a plan that ensures you are protected.