Healthcare professionals rely on technology backed systems in order to achieve high standards of medical care and public health across the board. Health information systems, privacy compliance (HIPAA/PHIPA) and backups are crucial components for any healthcare practice. Whether you have a Dental or Physician’s Office, Long Term Care Home or Physiotherapy Clinic, Reddy IT will work with you to determine your needs and design a plan to fulfill them.


Information Technology has made a major impact on the automotive industry in the past few years. Relationships between dealers, manufacturers and customers can be improved by leveraging technology. Successful dealerships are involved in marketing, distribution, sales and service. This involves careful planning and consideration to make IT seamless and cost-efficient. Reddy IT Solutions can help you reduce operational costs and become more efficient.

Startups & Unique Businesses

We support and appreciate unique brick and mortar/online businesses such as cannabis retailers, tattoo shops and other unique businesses that can benefit from our IT solutions. We understand the needs of new businesses and the exclusive needs of industry disruptors. At Reddy IT we work with our customers so that they can use IT to their advantage in order to achieve their goals and hit the ground running. Speak with our team to assess how we can help your organization.


Small & Medium Businesses

Being able to understand and take care of small and medium sized business needs are essential skills for an IT MSP. Whether you provide a professional service (real estate, financial, legal) or manufacture products: you value your time, your customers and your data. We provide services and solutions to aid your business needs so that IT becomes a powerful tool rather than a reason for disruption. With remote support, WFH capabilities and other integrated services, Reddy IT can resolve your IT issues faster, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. We also offer structured cabling for network and voice capabilities as well as Office Moving/Setup.