The COVID 19 Pandemic has shined a light on the concept of working from home (WFH) and with the right infrastructure and technology in place, WFH is possible for many employee roles. Many employees that have been working from home during the pandemic have enjoyed their experience so far and employers/managers are seeing large productivity improvements. Numerous employees who have appreciated being able to WFH are going to ask if they can make this change permanently and if not will be looking for roles where they can WFH. With the many benefits that working from home has to offer, employers should be asking why not?

Here are some of the many Benefits of Working from Home:


Contrary to what some employers may think, productivity shoots up when working from home, but why?

  • Employees are most productive when they are the most comfortable. Not much can beat working from the comfort of your own home. When employees are comfortable they can work much more efficiently.
  • Giving employees a better work/life balance is something that many companies like to offer their employees. They understand that when employees are happy, they are far more productive.
  • WFH can reduce unscheduled absences and limit spread of viruses in the workplace.
  • 2/3 companies reported productivity increases between 15-45% with teleworking according to a Global Workplace Analytics Whitepaper.

Employee Satisfaction

When companies treat employees well, employees will exude more company loyalty, job satisfaction and a higher morale. Commutes are getting longer and more expensive with traffic and rising fuel costs. These are all components that can be improved when offered the benefits of working from home. With the healthier work/life balance that WFH creates, employees are far more likely to be satisfied with their job. With younger generations entering the workforce, they have different values when it comes to work/life balance and companies will have greater success with young talent by offering the flexible option of WFH.

Some interesting statistics:

Reduced Operational Costs

Like working with an MSP, allowing employees to WFH can greatly reduce operational costs for your business and even reduce cost of living for your employees. Now that the infrastructure of high-speed internet and fiber is in place for many residential areas there are very minor costs to setting up users to work from home. Reduced building costs such as rent/lease, utilities and cleaning/maintenance are major benefits to having a fully remote workplace. Giving employees a home office allowance is less expensive than commercial desks and equipment and employees will be able to create a workspace that allows them to be the most efficient. There are grants and financial incentives for adopting teleworking as well as free training resources to encourage giving it a try.

Reduced Risk of Disaster

An important part of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning (DR/BCP) is managing risk. The best way to manage risk is to take a pro-active approach and mitigate those risks. Offering employees the option of working from home will mitigate the following risks:

  • Employees late/absent for work due to traffic, transportation issues and environmental hazards
  • Business closure due to weather-related hazards, power outages and construction

Environmental Impact

Taking good care of our planet is a globally important goal. By switching to remote work, employers can eliminate thousands of metric tons of CO2 by driving less. Your business can cut energy costs in half by having employees WFH. There are government incentives designed to help your business go green to sustain our beautiful Earth. Green is a good colour for business!

The pandemic has accelerated what seems like an overdue shift to remote work. While not possible in all industries, a vast majority of employees and employers would benefit from a move to more users working from home. Whether you are looking to secure more long-term employees, increase productivity or unlock the cost savings of remote work, Reddy IT Solutions will help you design, implement, and manage a remote working solution that works for your business.