A managed services provider (MSP) offers your business a wide variety of IT services in multiple configurations. They give you the ability to pick and choose which IT components you would like to have and will manage those services so that you don’t have to. An MSP partners with your company to plan, implement and manage various IT functionalities such as User and Workstation Management, Web Servers, Email, Server Monitoring and more. They ensure that your technology infrastructure and applications are running efficiently and supporting your business goals. They also allow you to have the full support of an IT Helpdesk without the full-time IT department costs.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons You Need an MSP in 2020:

1. Reduced Operational Costs

An MSP can greatly reduce your operational costs as they are able to scale their services to fit your needs. The MSP’s costs are shared between yourself and other customers making services much more affordable for small and medium sized businesses. MSPs can unify all IT related costs into a monthly amount that is easier to account for, rather than having 5 different bills to pay and track for 5 different IT components. Reddy IT believes in simplifying costs for businesses so that customers can easily predict, track and manage IT costs.

Most small and medium sized businesses who’s business depends on technology can save a considerable amount of money by having an MSP. Reddy IT Solutions has options that will cost much less than hiring a full-time IT professional with all of the benefits such as full-time support and services.

2. Security

By placing your systems in the hands of a well-equipped MSP, you can greatly reduce the risk and protect your organization from cyber criminals, malware and phishing attempts. Firewall deployment, VPN Tunneling and Monitoring are all services that can easily be managed and kept up to date by a managed services provider.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are important concepts for small and medium sized businesses. MSPs ensure that systems are backed up, verified and that restorative features are tested. Reddy IT Solutions offers BC/DR plans that are customized to fit your business needs and will implement these solutions so that your core business operations are protected from potential disasters.


Companies without a DR plan who went out of business after 1 year of suffering an attack/data loss

Many sources site two recent statistics that prove that having a Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan is a major safeguard against attacks, hardware failures, ransomware and many other possible disasters.


Companies with a DR plan who were able to survive an attack/data loss

3. IT Purchasing at Special Pricing

MSPs usually share good relationships with software and hardware vendors as partners with volume/discount pricing. This allows MSPs to get the best price for your system hardware and software rather than directly purchasing yourself. Reddy IT is partnered with various latest-technology vendors for many different applications such as servers, workstations and software licensing.

4. Minimize IT Related Interruptions & Costs

Tired of having continuous IT problems that interrupt your employee’s workflow or customer experience? An MSP can provide superior monitoring and troubleshooting while resolving issues much faster with the use of industry tools, knowledge, and experience. Reddy IT’s monitoring and support solutions provide a proactive approach to stopping problems before they impact operations. We understand that downtime costs money and with our remote support system, we can ensure that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

5. Streamlined IT Management

Eliminate the struggles of dealing with various IT service providers and software companies by signing up with Reddy IT Solutions. Having a central point of contact makes getting the support you need a breeze so that you can get back to focusing on your core job tasks and increase productivity.